Chiara Civello was born in Rome, but as soon as she turned 18 she left for the USA to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston and soon became the first Italian artist to record for Verve Records. Her first album was produced by Russ Titelman, who discovered her in NYC.

A great result of the Boston-NY days are the 10 songs of her recording debut LAST QUARTER MOON (Verve 2005), seven of which written by her and three in collaboration with other artists, including the great ballad Trouble, written with Burt Bacharach. Her debut granted her with a first world tour, making her hit the Japanese and Italian charts.

Billboard Magazine noted that, “the beauty, charm and allure of singer/pianist/songwriter Chiara Civello’s debut…makes for an auspicious beginning and marks the first revelation of the New Year.”  The International Herald Tribune declared “her combination of personality, soulfulness and sophistication…striking.”  

Called “the best jazz singer of her generation” by Tony Bennett, Chiara Civello lived up to that acclaim with her second release; one that left listeners contemplating the beauty of her voice and her songs and the space between.

The second album “The Space Between”, produced by Steve Addabbo and Pete Rende (Universal Jazz and Classics, 2007), showed us in an intimate-acoustic setting, another aspect of Chiara’s music. 13 songs such as UN PASSO DOPO L’ALTRO, NIGHT, and IF YOU EVER THINK OF ME, make us feel we can get really close to her. She describes the intention: “ It’s a record about the space between…the notes, the silence between the words, the space between you and I and all those spaces we have a hard time to relate to nowadays. The space that doesn’t make you say everything at once, but little by little, as the need of saying it gets stronger.” 

The third album, 7752 (Universal Jazz and Classics 2010), marks an important new step in Chiara’s career: a geographic move to BRAZIL.

After landing in Rio to visit her friend Daniel Jobim, Chiara was taken to a musical party (SARAO) where she met a lot of great Brazilian artists playing their songs and exchanging creative ideas. A guitar was going around the room and stopped at Chiara’s place. From that moment on her new phase started.

She started writing with and for other artists and explored the beauty and the generosity of the Brazilian music community.

Ana Carolina, one of Brazil’s biggest stars, was the main collaborator on this album.

Success immediately followed the collaboration when their first composition together, RESTA, became the soundtrack of a very well known soap-opera “Passione”, produced by the GLOBO TV. Produced by latin pop producer Andres Levin, 7752 featured a great cast of musicians like Jaques Morelenbaum on the cello and strings arrangement (Tom Jobim, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Ruichi Sakamoto), Mark Ribot on guitar, Mauro Refosco as a percussionist (Thom Yorke, David Byrne, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Anat Cohen on sax and clarinet . This album definitely portrayed a new side of Chiara’s music . A touch of pop, a more accessible character to the songs gave wings to a happy alchemy between 60s rock, Italian melody, Brazilian harmony and R&B.

In 2012 Chiara took part in the Sanremo Festival, the biggest Italian TV musical event, with a song written with Italian/Spanish songwriter Diana Tejera. That gave the title to her fourth studio Album: AL POSTO DEL MONDO.

The song received great critical acclaim and that same year the song “Problemi/Problemas” interpreted by Ana Carolina, already soundtrack of the Soap Opera FINA ESTAMPA, won the Multishow prize for best song of 2012 in Brazil. 

2013 consolidated Chiara’s presence in Brazil, due to a long series of performances in a very intimate LIVE SHOW called SOLO+ (SOLO MA NON TROPPO).

Accompanied by her loyal friend Guilherme Monteiro on guitar and alternating between the piano and the guitar herself, Chiara crafted a repertoire that mixed her successful original songs with well known Italian songs that became successful in Brazil, and vice versa. It was a show that the audience could really relate to.

At every concert a great Brazilian star was invited to perform in a duet. 

Great artists participated such as: PRETA GIL, ZIZI POSSI, PEDRO MARIANO, FLAVIO VENTURINI LEILA PINHEIRO, ALESSANDRA MAESTRINI, JAY VAQUER, JORGE VERCILLO, making each show absolutely unique and unforgettable.

Solo+ obtained great critical acclaim in Brazil and Italy!

The experience os SOLO+ anticipate the basic concept of her new album. 

With Canzoni, her fifth studio album, Chiara Civello, for the first time stands out in the unedited role of “torch singer” and interprets the Italian repertoire like we never heard before.

In this celebration of  love songs, Chiara has gathered an extraordinary array of collaborators: the monumental Gilberto Gil, the poetic Chico Buarque, the pop diva  Ana Carolina and the jazz star Esperanza Spalding all lend their artistry to this project. The lush, almost hypnotic orchestral arrangements were conceived by the legendary Eumir Deodato. DJ/Producer Nicola Conte provided an alluring blend of contemporary sensibility and old school analog sound. The result is an album which looks out from Italy to the entire world. A revelation.

A stellar cast for a record that gives to 17 the Italian “standards” carefully picked from the 60s to now, a very contemporary innovative twist, blending irresistible influences of Northern Soul, Bossa Nova, Blue Eyed Soul, Jazz with international Pop and vibrant and velvety vocals like that of Julie London and Dusty Springfield, Shirley Horn and Nina Simone, who, not surprisingly, have always inspired Chiara Civello’s artistic journey.

“I couldn’t ask for more. It’s the album of my dreams, the songs I wish I had written and a sound that winks to the past but strongly looks to the future, to the Italy of NOW, full of promises. Gil, Chico, Eumir, Nicola Ana and Esperanza paid a tribute to the Italian melody in the most refreshing and emotional way. What an honor!”

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